Bijoy Da is my friend cum financial advisor. He is a very gentle person, a good human being and also an expert in the field of Insurance, Mutual Fund and Portfolio Management. He and his teams are very courteous and helpful with a wide range of services and a highly knowledgeable workforce. I would also like to congratulate him for his new endeavor in the field of accounting and taxation.
I'm proud of our continuing relationship and look forward to many more years of working together.
I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone who wants a professional that takes their work seriously.
(Mr. AJAY GUPTA, Chartered Accountant)


Abir Mondal

Best financial adviser I have ever seen.

“I came to know my adviser, Mr. Bijoy Mondal through my brother in-law. One thing which I really like about his services is that he never recommends me products which are not relevant to my needs. He is honest and seeks to maximise my interests above his own revenue. He is also responsive and committed toward his role as an adviser. Whenever there are opportunities to invest in a particular market or product, that is aligned to my overall financial objectives, he would inform fairly quickly, so that I would have the lead time to make the investment decisions. He would also respond to my questions, doubts or concerns with empathy, patience and timely advice. He also seeks to level up my understanding of the financial context and the market trends to facilitate my decision making with regard to our investments. While I had some savings and was fairly prudent in my spending before I engaged his services, I did not have a sense of clarity with regard to my financial situation, or have any long-term plan with regard to my retirement plans. Having engaged his services, I have greater clarity around my financial situation, and also a better sense of the impact of some life decisions on my financial goals. For instance, if I ever have to live with a single income, what is the impact of that decision on our lifestyle, and on our retirement plans? Bijoy also has helped reorganize my stocks portfolio based on in-depth analysis and thereby helped in making the right decisions for a fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership that has unleashed a very healthy valuation of my new portfolio. This model of advisory service helps long term players like me get the right tool and independently manage my brokerage account without any conflict of interest. The monthly meetings with Mr. Bijoy have also helped me get the confidence and look towards a long lasting relationship. The staff is very friendly and customer centric, always willing to help out with any doubt or service request. Since I begin using his services, I have already recommended him to two of my friends. One of them has been using his. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who seeks for an adviser who is honest and competent in his job. Abir
(Abir Mondal, Director, Zenome solution pvt Ltd.)


Mr. Durjay Kumar Ray

How I become a good investor.

How to save, where to invest, what financial benefit to be obtained– deciding on all these money matters have been always very critical issues which was not possible properly during the busy and tough service life. Although some savings were done, they were  not in a good  beneficial way in the present interest and income tax structure.
But as time was passing by, it was being realized that somebody who is expert in financial matters should help me decide on these. Fortunately during my mid service life I could find one man, Mr Bijoy Mondal, whom I came to know thru a small leaflet inside the news paper.
I called him and told my problems –  Bijoyda just took very little time to manage everything by diversifying all my earlier savings to such areas where return is more, tax liability is less and no risk at all. Since then he changed my investment portfolio by investing more and more in LIC, Mutual Fund, SIP etc, the field where he is a mastermind and expert also. The way he explained every financial matter and adviced where to save and why, where tax liability will be less etc was easily understood and I followed his all instructions. Now I am a happy investor. Not only that, whenever I have faced any Income Tax related other issues, Bijoyda always helped me a lot to solve those matters also.
The best thing I have ever done in my life after meeting him is, I have  made me tension free. I have made all savings related matters centralized to only Bijoyda, which has made things so easier for me to handle. I don’t have to contact so many people for any problems. And don’t have to waste many times thinking over these. Dialling only one phone number of him is enough towards a happy rich future.
Thanks to Bijoyda for his friendly helping nature and getting him all the time beside me even now.
(Mr.Durjay Kumar Ray,Chief Engineer (Production) ONGC Ltd, India)


Mr. Arup Choudhury

How i becam friend of BIJOY
Bijoy is a friend cum philosopher whom you can trust to build your wealth. He has vast experience in the field of insurance, mutual funds and many other financial tools.  personally thank him for his guidance to plan my money in such a way to get the maximum benefit.  
I wish him all the success in future.
(Mr. Arup Choudhury, Manager at Accenture India Pvt Ltd.)


Pulak Nandy


During staying in NTPC town, I have not faced any difficulties regarding financial solution and its services. After coming in Kolkata I have tried to search this type of financial Adviser but could not get it. I have got it piecemeal. Fortunately on one day during office travelling I came to know the advertisement of Bijoy Capital   through mobile van as a financial adviser. Immediately I called him & told my problems. He explained every financial & insurance matters & advised me everything in a systematic manner. That day I was very much convinced and later meet his office.
 At present economic and income tax structure, it is very much essential to take support a Financial Adviser. Market is volatile, so guidance is required for proper investment decision as a common service man. Moreover, his knowledge in portfolio and asset allocation management is excellent. His financial acumen will also be helpful for a retired person.  Behaviour and attitude of support staffs in his office is co-operative.  Now I am tension free regarding financial & insurance matters. All facilities you will get in on one platform. Do not waste your time, just call him for financial   hassle free pre& post retirement life.
(Pulak Nandy- EX employee Of NTPC ltd, L&T Power, Jindal Power  Presently working as Dy. General Manager in RP-SG group)



BIJOY is my friend cum financial advisor 
In 2017, when I came to Kolkata from Chhattisgarh, that time I had seen one name Mr. Bijoy Mondal in the poster near to my house who is a financial adviser working with insurance, Mutual Fund and other financial products, including income tax having his own office in the name of BIJOY CAPITAL at Bablatala, 217B Bus stand, Rajarhat Gopalpur, Kolkata-700136. One day I decide to go to open one LIC for my daughter.
But now he's been one of my closest friends & financial counselors in my life for a few day.
He always guides me where need to invest & how to save the money for future.
Bijoy is a very nice personality & friendly individual from my point of view & 
he has the potential to rebuild the financial problem and save money in the right way.
Thank you, Bijoy, for your good wishes, and pray in the new year 2021 for your great success.
Advance Wish you very Happy New Year 2021.
(Mr. ARINDAM SINHA,- (Sr. Solution Integrator, At Ericsson India Global Services Pvt Ltd.)



Bijoy Mondal always available  &  friendly approach. We have done Mediclaim with Bijoy Mondal for
my entire family. The best thing is that very much in details about product firstly concern about
customers goodness  &  comfortable .Looking forward to engage with many policy with Bijoy
Mondal.In future so few best service & advice we received  &  appreciate people to get best benefit
out of Mr.Bijoy Mondal.
(Mr. NALAPPAN MOHANRAJ ISL - Atletico de Kolkata (2014-2015, 2017-2018), Chennaiyin FC (2016), I-League - Mohun Bagan AC (2007-2012), Pune FC (2012-2013), Bharat FC (2014-2015)



During stay at Hindalco township , at various locations , never faced any difficulty in managing the own money thru various saving scheme ...
But , post superannuation , after coming to *Kolkata* in July 2020 , I found myself lost in Metro city and was eagerly looking for some genuine and trustworthy financial Adviser .
Fortunately , one evening I got a call from one of my colleague regarding *Prime minister's PMVVY scheme* for Senior citizens , implemented thru LIC , so I tried to search for LIC office or some LIC agent in Kolkata , nearby my residential location. .
 Incidentally , I could locate the name of *Mr. Bijoy Mondal* and his company *M/s. Bijoy Capitals* , with contact no. etc. at Bablatatalla, Gopalpur.
Being impatient , I called him same evening on *23rd July 2020* at about 9 PM and was pleased to talk with an unknown person first time , due to his humble voice and way of talking . We fixed to meet at his office next day .
Accordingly , I visited his office on 24th July afternoon and was highly impressed on entering his very well maintained office with prominent *National* and *International awards* displayed nicely including beautiful aquarium. During few minutes waiting time , after obtaining permission from his office staff , I could not stop myself in clicking few snaps of his office look and share with my both grown-up children.
Then I got the opportunity to meet Mr. Bijoy and discuss about my immediate need of investment in PMVVY .
To my surprise before going into my personal detail he called one of his team members to start the formal paperwork etc. And in parallel we came to know about each other , on a cup of hot tea ....
Since then Bijoy calls me *Kaku* and I feel him as my third and eldest son who manages all my financial problems with optimised solutions including consolidation and new opportunities..
In present volatile market situation , he is a good guide , possessing updated knowledge in portfolio and asset allocation ,for proper investment decision. His financial expertise is very helpful for a retired person like me.
I find Bijoy and his team as hard working and trustworthy for all financial services . Moreover , the behaviour and attitude of support staff in his office is very co-operative , which shows his administrative capabilty and Humanity.
Last but not the least , I got the opportunity to meet his father and better half Mrs. Moushumi also , and could easily realise the guide and support behind him , to make such successful icon.
Mr. Bijoy may be approached as a Single window facility to get financial hassle free pre & post retirement life.
Best wishes and good luck to him and his whole family....
(Mr. ARUN KUMAR PODDER - (superannuated as Power Plant Head from *Hindalco*)



Bijoy, he is like my brother, I am attached with him for more than 20 years. He is that person who always guide & suggest where to invest, that you can reach your goal. I have done my L.i.c, mediclaim, mutual fund, insurance for many years. he is always a genuine & friendly behaviour that feel Me very much comfortable. Lastly, he has very well maintain & decorated office & his office stuff also in very good behaviour. I recommend to everyone to connect with him, to be a good investor.



Bijoy,he is like my brother,I am attached with him for very long time.He is always stay with me for my financial planning. I have done my L.i.c, mediclaim,mutual fund, insurance for many years.his friendly behaviour always feel Me very much comfortable. Lastly,his office is very well maintain & decorated.I recomend to everyone to connect with him for very good future planning. Subrata Boral.
(Mr.SUBRATA BORAL, (developer)


Soumen Ghosal

I came to know about Bijoy capital in the month of April' 18. 

Thereafter I personally met Bijoy Mondal and found that Bijoy is a young and energetic man, having dynamic personality. 
Again and again I came in contact of Bijoy and was influenced very much by his lovely personality and cordial behavior. 
Finally I have invested a good amount through Bijoy Capital. 
Since then I found that service and dedication of not only Bijoy but also his team members, who are working hard to maintain Bijoy capital smothely andj sincere service to customers are nice, heart touching and very much effective. 
I wish every success and prosperity of Bijoy Capital.